Speech Analytics Buyers Guide

What would be the value of being able to analyze all recorded voice data in your contact center for trends, root causes, quality assurance, and specific insights into your customer’s experience? That is the promise, and reality, of properly implemented Speech Analytics deployed in a contact center. Speech Analytics solutions, engineered specifically for contact centers, allow you to monitor customer interactions for regulatory compliance, optimal sales/upsell execution, etc. This results in improved quality assurance by rapidly narrowing the focus for identified issues, gaining valuable insights from the data you’re already recording and storing, and gathering customer and market intelligence.

5 Benefits of Speech Analytics for a Contact Center

Speech Analytics, designed for contact centers, enhances quality management. The software enables a company to focus on what’s important to ensure better business outcomes. Speech Analytics and traditional QA are complementary. Neither can completely replace the other. Using both gives contact centers a valuable combination of tools and programs. By moving the heavy lifting of processing recorded data to an automated process, Speech Analytics lets human supervisors do what they do best – focus on more precise, complicated questions of agent-customer interactions.

5 Things to Know When Considering Speech Technology

With AI-driven speech analytics, we can now unlock the signals in each call to enable organizations to have a single view of the customer experience and the ability to drive rapid efficiencies and greater performance within the call center. If you’re looking at new ways to understand your customers at a larger scale and improve the end-to-end customer experience, speech analytics is a great solution.

Quality Transcription Means Quality Data

Transcription quality should be reliable right out of the box, and your technology partner should ensure you have custom languages and topic lexicons pre-defined and installed. That can save you many hours of personal tuning. You should also ensure you can import call transcriptions into other solutions, which will add value to your existing tech stack and create a seamless workflow for visibility of action.

The Power to Understand and Predict

AI can help you quickly understand complex data in ways much deeper than just understanding trending topics. In addition to dialogue transcription and text analytics, speech solutions should also provide acoustic analytics to detect silent time, over talk and vocal emotion. That enables more ways to see what topics are driving the negative or positive customer impact and helps agents learn to solve customer pain in a way that increases satisfaction.

Automate Analysis and Empower Your Teams

Look at speech analytics from the lens of quality assurance: you now can automate call evaluation, which replaces a lengthy manual process of QA listening to calls to evaluate agent performance. Having this automatic evaluation of each call or all for a specific agent or team, is of significant value and will enable time to be spent coaching for excellence. By giving frontline agents their own dashboard, you can empower them to self-coach and improve areas of poor performance, especially crucial in remote working environments.

Future Proof Your Business

Think about your needs today, but stay agile in your approach. Avoid the per-seat model of buying speech analytics as you may find your workforce evolving into one that is both call center and remote. You must able to flex up or down rapidly. Equally, while your demand remains steady, you could have a broader mix of shifts and a greater number of employees, so create a plan that maximizes occupancy and productivity. Also, make sure your chosen technology partner has an agile and significant roadmap that can grow with you.

Value Realization

Work with your partner upfront to make sure the solution is easy to use, intuitive, and quick to deploy. Gone are the days of waiting nine to 12 months to get an on-premise solution stood up and then another 90 days to fine-tune before getting accurate results. Ask your partner what its current user engagement number looks like — this will tell you how much users love technology. Make sure your license gives every user access to custom dashboards so everyone can see the data gold relevant to their role.

Identify Agent Behaviors with Speech Analytics

Until recently, growth leaders simply didn’t have much opportunity to A/B test or validate their sales scripts with data. With hybrid and remote work extending, many growth leaders find that their team’s talk tracks are all over the place. It’s increasingly difficult to know what top performers are doing to drive business outcomes on calls. Thanks to Speech Analytics for the contact center, we are able to leverage AI to analyze speech and text conversations for “magic” and “tragic” moments, or interactions, between customers and agents. Magic moments highlight agent behaviors that make a customer experience great. Tragic moments do just the opposite.

Contact Center Speech Analytics Trends

Contact Centers are changing every day and Speech Analytics technology is helping with that change. Some common trends are; adopting to a hybrid work environment, sentiment analysis on all customer interactions, omnichannel integrations, video first customer experience, and the future of CX metrics. Things like Tonality and Sentiment can help leadership understand exactly how agents are performing and how customers are reacting. The rise of more support channels has created a need for Speech Analytics AI tools to be truly Omnichannel.

Speech Analytics Providers in Our Network

Here are just a few of the Speech Analytics providers we work directly with. If there are other providers you would like to use, let us know and we will add them to our network.