RFP Management & Vendor Selection

RFP (Request For Proposal) is the formal process between vendors and your business. It is commonly used for deals that have a high level of complexity and business impact. Doing research on potential vendors can be time consuming and an unproductive use of your teams time. Spend less time working with sales teams from multiple vendors and more time on your business. 

We help you and your team find the best product/vendor for your unique business needs through a series of business discovery sessions. We will engage with potential vendors on your behalf so that you aren’t bombarded throughout the sales process. We gather and provide detailed report backs with findings as it relates to your unique needs. Due to years of partnership with vendors we have a trusted relationship that can help us negotiate terms on your behalf. 

Implementation Project Management

Implementation of any product can become a hefty task. There are many moving pieces to a product deployment. Involving appropriate internal teams and stakeholders is as important as planning out the actual build and testing. Project scoping and modeling is a mutually shared ownership between you and the vendor. A healthy implementation plan can help prevent a project from derailing. 

We are here to help you and your team succeed and hit your timeline objectives. With our seasoned implementation professionals we take a phased approach to implementation planning. We use the RASCI model to assign responsibility, accountability, support, consultation, and information to the appropriate parties throughout the project. We act as the bridge between you and the implementation team provided by your vendor. 

ROI Cost Modeling & Expense Management

Understanding the potential impact of your new product or vendor is key in deciding on making a change. The economics of the project is as important as the investment, of both time and energy, into it. 

We focus on your current budget requirements and project potential changes for future states. Projecting scalability models to help understand true cost of delivery as it relates to your unique business. Projecting recurring costs and non-recurring costs as the partnership progresses with your new vendor. We inject potential non-revenue generating return on investments into the model to understand how this change can help impact business outcome objectives. Focusing on areas like employee and customer satisfaction and how that can effect lifetime value of internal and external assets. 

Compliance & Technology Modeling

Compliance with internal and external regulations and polices is important to any vendor selection process. The way that products interact and use each other is a valuable part of your technology ecosystem. Having a solid technology and data governance model will prevent inefficiencies and mitigate potential risk. 

We have compliance specialists that focus on what unique regulatory need your company needs to deploy a new product. Working with your internal Legal, and IT Security teams to make sure your new vendor is within compliance. We work with your new vendor to ensure that your new technology is mapped correctly with your current technology ecosystem.

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