Chatbot Buyers Guide

Conversations with machines and AI aren’t easy to create. Chatbots maybe available to deploy, but setting up and maintaining them can be a difficult task. This is even more complex when working with a NLU (Natural Language Understanding) tools. Even with these difficulties, the benefits to launching AI in the contact center outweigh the level of effort. There are some major upsides to using this advanced technology in your contact center.

Benefits of a Chatbot

Self Service

  • Enabling your customers to help themselves
  • Customers want to do things themselves without having to wait for agents
  • Make simple conversations like password resets or update email address easier for the customer
  • Customers don’t want to dig through long FAQ pages to find an answer
  • Efficiency

  • Self serve simple conversations with Chatbots
  • Ability to notice trends and respond to disasters and outages without manually having to update a message
  • AI learns from itself and will adjust to your customer and business changes
  • Agent Experience

  • Agents are happier not having to take repetitive calls, chats and emails
  • Agents enjoy jobs that are challenging and less mundane leading to less team member churn
  • Customers will be authenticated before the Agent answers the  chat
  • Agents can have a profile and case automatically screen popped and created
  • Agents will get a full transcript of the chatbot conversation
  • Economics

  • Save money with by reducing headcount and overtime needs
  • Reduce number of chats during spikes, emergencies, and outages
  • Reduce AHT (Average Handle Time) because of auto case creation and screen pops
  • Increase hours of operation with chatbot self service during after hours
  • 4 Reasons Artificial Intelligence is Beneficial to Your Business

    Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a presence that is all around us when surfing the internet. It is intelligence by machines, and they are programmed to think like humans. AI is not optional these days. It’s vital. Here are four reasons why AI is beneficial to your business.

    Saving Resources

    AI is efficient and can save businesses time, money, and energy. A good example of this is chatbots. Chatbots are there 27/7 to help a customer in need without help or assistance from humans. They help situations where humans will not have to perform repetitive, mundane, time consuming, and low-value tasks.

    Customer Experience

    Assistance from a virtual helper not only can give excellent customer
    experience, but it can also provide top-notch customer service. When programmed correctly, chatbots can manage the most common customer queries and are available at all hours of every day. Chatbots are also programmed to provide a human-like manner.


    AIs are helpful with achieving higher levels of security. It can be used to monitor online behavior, monitor that behavior, and collect and learn from the data it gathers.

    Machine Learning

    This is useful for businesses because AI can process large amounts of data quickly. A self-adaptive algorithm can be used to read, analyze, and learn from data.

    Business Examples for Chatbots

    Here are just a few ways our clients are using bots to streamline efficiency and improve customer experience. We can help you develop conversational workflows for your unique business requirements.

    Welcome/Routing Bot

    Create a bot that immediately greets your customers and starts gathering information to determine the nature of the customer’s inquiry. Use that information to query internal systems to get background information and then route the customer directly to the appropriate queue or agent.

    Troubleshooting Bot

    Use a Troubleshooting Bot to walk through diagnostic steps to isolate an issue. In order to keep things manageable, you can build many different bots to diagnose different problems and use it to seamlessly transition between bots so that your customer never knows. Agents can even invoke a troubleshooting bot to help out at any time in the conversation.

    CSAT Feedback Bot

    Customer satisfaction is one of the most important metrics, but getting enough feedback can be a challenge. Use a customer service chatbot at the end of your messaging interactions to measure CSAT. It’s possible to have a participation rate 4-5 times greater than other channels because it’s easy for a customer to text back their thoughts.

    Other Digital Channels

    Chatbot technology has enabled more that just website chat expierences. We now can give customers consistently jaw-dropping customer experiences across SMS/text messaging, web, social, and other popular messaging channels. Capture all of your customer’s conversations in a single place for employees, regardless of the channel your customers prefer to use.

    Power Your Bots with APIs

    Bots can provide an open platform with several pre-built integrations. Seamlessly add different containible flows by hooking up your databases with APIs. Pull in information from internal systems to further eliminate multiple screens and clicks, or use web hooks to publish conversations to other systems in real-time.

    Chatbot Design

    Every chatbot needs to be built and supported by a team. We understand how hard it is to architect AI automation and perfect it over time. We have curated and developed a team of experts across seven CX disciplines who are supported by best-of-breed AI engineers to help with your unique bussiness needs.

    Chatbot Providers in Our Network

    Here are just a few of the chatbot providers we work directly with. If there are other providers you would like to use, let us know and we will add them to our network.