Episode 25

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 25: It’s All about Leadership with Karen Durenberger

Host: Alex McBratneyGuest Speaker: Karen Durenberger – June 9th, 2021 (48:49 minutes long) – Transcript and audio only

Usually we dive into customer experience and success with our guests, but today’s show is really about leadership. Listen in as Karen shares about her career and the lessons learned about leadership along the way…and why Trust, Empathy, and Belief are her core tenants to being an exceptional leader.

Episode 26

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 26: What’s a Value Burger?

Hosts: Aarde Cosseboom & Alex McBratneyGuest Speaker: Ryan Bullard – June 10th, 2021 (39:10 minutes long) – Transcript and audio only

Customer success is a journey for organizations, and Ryan Bullard has found his own formula with his Value Burger. Tune in and learn from a seasoned expert and well read leader as we talk about the challenges, successes and methods he uses to get the job done at CB Insights.

Episode 27

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 27: Chat BOTS and the Ninja Quest with Adam Ferenzi

Hosts: Aarde Cosseboom & Alex McBratneyGuest Speaker: Adam Ferenzi – June 11th, 2021 (54:18 minutes long) – Transcript and audio only

Very interesting chat today with Adam Ferenzi. We had the chance to really dive deep into the complexities of evaluating BOTS, helping shape career paths for employees, and what it means to be a Ninja on their team.

Episode 28

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 28: Green Egg and Customer Experience with Bill Mahoney

Hosts: Aarde Cosseboom & Alex McBratneyGuest Speaker: Bill Mahoney – June 14th, 2021 (44:05 minutes long) – Transcript and audio only

Get a glimpse into Bill Mahoney’s world as he takes on customer experience at Lease Query. How he uses the mantra, “see something, say something” to give a voice to his employees to drive positive change. And we learn why he put the Green Egg at the top as one of his personal customers experiences.

Episode 29

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 29: The Importance of the Customer Journey Map with William Chesser

Hosts: Aarde Cosseboom & Alex McBratneyGuest Speaker: William Chesser – June 16th, 2021 (55:53 minutes long) – Transcript and audio only

Today’s guest, William Chesser, shares his experience of what it’s like taking a 20+ year company on the journey of building out customer success. Like many others before them, account management was the name of the game and now the big question is “how.” Listen in as William talks about the journey.

Special shout out to Irit Zeebs for the amazing consulting work she accomplished by giving them the framework needed to succeed.

Episode 30

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 30: $$$ Back, Data and Beer with Ric and Murph at Sharpen

Hosts: Aarde Cosseboom & Alex McBratneyGuest Speakers: Murph Krajewski and Ric Kosiba – June 18th, 2021 (43:39 minutes long) – Transcript and audio only

We had the pleasure of sitting down with not one, but two industry experts, Ric Kosiba and Murph Krajewski. And what they have going on at Sharpen is absurd. They’re taking the agent experience and flipping it on its head, with data to back it up and putting their money where their mouth is.

Episode 31

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 31: Why the IT is the Unsung Hero of the Pandemic

Hosts: Alex McBratney & Jeff YoungGuest Speaker: Larry Schachter  – June 29th, 2021 (38:36 minutes long)

Larry Schachter drops some truth bombs when talking about how IT either saved or crippled their organizations. We dive into the risks of being unprepared and being, “one click away from disaster” when it comes to #cybersecurity.

Episode 32

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 32: Blockchain, Big Data and Security with Ken Knapton

Hosts: Alex McBratney & Jeff YoungGuest Speaker: Ken Knapton  – July 1st, 2021 (42:12 minutes long)

Ken takes us through his approach to the challenges many IT organizations are facing today. How to use #BigData and where to start. Boiling down #cybersecurity into simple terms. And how #Blockchain is changing the banking industry and what that means for the future.

Episode 33

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 33: Security Should Be Keeping you Up at Night

Hosts: Alex McBratney & Jeff Young – July 13th, 2021 (40:12 minutes long)

John Walker is a seasoned IT professional and we had the honor of sitting down with him to get his take on security, software development, and how he keeps his organization on the leading edge of technology.

Episode 34

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 34: Eye Opening… AI is taking over

Hosts: Aarde Cosseboom & Alex McBratneyGuest Speaker: Tyson McDowell – July 13th, 2021 (42:50 minutes long)

TEDx Talks speaker Tyson McDowell sits down with us to talk about why AI is driving society to a dark place, how we have more control than we think and what he and his team are doing in trying to a better internet into fruition. Click the link in the comments below to listen to Tyson’s TEDx Talk.

Tyson McDowell TEDx Talk

Episode 35

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 35: Set Expectations and Beat Them

Hosts: Aarde Cosseboom & Alex McBratneyGuest Speaker: David Katzman – July 15th, 2021 (39:43 minutes long)

We’re talking CX with David Katzman, Head of Customer Experience and Strategy at Onshape. He’s bringing some very interesting ideas to the CX and Strategy landscape, with lessons learned from his time at Deloitte, and how he keeps a pulse on the CX health score for their clients.

Episode 36

Another Cloud Podcast – Episode 36: Learning about Contact Center Automation Software with Jacada

Hosts: Aarde Cosseboom & Alex McBratneyGuest Speakers: Scott Merrit and Kumaran Shanmuha – July 20th, 2021 (43:21 minutes long)

Scott Merrit and Kumaran Shanmuha dive into the challenges of running complex contact centers and the complexity that comes with them. They’ll explain how Jacada is tackling this problem by using real-time agent assistance to equip agents with the information they need when they need it.