What to Look for in a Cloud Call Center Solution:

When you are in the starting phase of your search for a cloud call center solution it is good to have some key features to look for first. These are some of the basic requirements that most companies look for first.

Service Reliability & Uptime

No other metric is as important as reliability. If your call center is down for even a minute, you’re losing lots of money every minute. Your Contact Center Service Provider of choice should have at least 99.99% reliability. Unlike on-premise solutions, cloud Contact Center Solutions are geographically redundant to improve dependability and solve for disaster recovery.

When looking at a vendor, focus on this area to make sure the new vendor can deliver what your bussiness requires. 24/7/365 support isnt a reality without a releable system to help route contacts.


Ease of Use, Admin Portal Access, Dashboard Simplicity

The best features in the world are useless if the agent ends up writing everything down on a piece of scrap paper. Make sure the complex features of your potential Contact Center Software are still easy enough to learn and use.

This also applies to your admins. Enabling them to quickly add/remove agents and permissions on the fly is the key to success for your team.

The Contact Center needs a live pulse of the heartbeat of the inbound and outbound contacts. Simple Dashboards and Wallboards can help the team know if they are in crisis or easy sailing mode. Think of this as the heart monitor to your contact centers real-time performance.

Provides a 360 Degree View of Your Customer

Your Contact Center Solutions need to pull information about a customer from several sources and put that information in front of the agent, so the agent can better serve the customer. Knowing the customer’s past actions and present concerns will help predict their future needs. 

This can help your agents jump right into the conversation instead of asking simple questions like; customer name and email address on file. Enable your agents to leverage your customer data instead of burring it and forcing them to dig it back to the surface.


Customer Self Service Features and Automated Tasks

Let your agent do the important stuff, but the boring tasks can be done for you. A good Call Center Solution will make the most of your agent’s time.

Chatbots, Voicebots, Socialbots, and email automated assistants are the tip of the iceberg for self service and automation. There are also Agent assist tools that can help agents while they are live with a customer. Tools like Robot Automation that can help them fill out multiple forms, cases and tickets at the click of a button.


Security Measures

In today’s age of identity theft and leaked emails, you need the proper amount of encryption to keep your data safe. In addition, all financial and medical communications/data are tightly regulated.

New laws that help protect the customers private and personal data is also important. Compliance to regulations like GDPR and CCPA are key to any vendor exploration project. Be sure that your customers will feel safe giving private information to your agents.