4 Reasons for Customer Service to Use Performance Management:

Understanding your teams performance is crucial to your customer service teams success. It is more that just listening to the calls and monitoring chat transcripts, it can help your executives and leadership teams put numbers to their teams performance. Performance management is also a key tool for customer feedback to see if your customers are satisfied with the service that they received. Understanding the complete picture of the customer impact is how you can help direct strategy and form your short/long term goals.

Quality Assurance

  • Ability to monitor agent activity with speech or text analytics
  • Real-time or post contact monitoring
  • Quality or Compliance flagging for poor agent behaviors
  • QA Scorecard record keeping for performance and improvement tracking
  • Coaching and Calibration tool sets for site leadership

Agent Reporting

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) metrics for your agents efficiency and quality
  • Agent and team bench marking to allow for real-time Agent coaching
  • Historical performance reporting for Agents

Executive Reporting

  • Ability to measure KPI (Key Performance Indicator) metrics by location, brand, team, etc.
  • Key insights and bench marking to previous years performance or other similar businesses
  • ROI and Cost of Delivery modeling for internal and external use

Bussines Insights

  • Ability to see what types of customer intents are coming into your contact center
  • Post contact customer survey tool set
  • Customer Feedback loop reporting to help with NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSat (Customer Satisfaction) scores

Site Comparison Example

Agent Comparison Example

Executive Reporting Example