4 Reasons to Use AI in the Contact Center:

Conversations with machines and AI aren’t easy to create. Chatbots maybe available to deploy, but setting up and maintaining them can be a difficult task. This is even more complex when working with a NLP (Natural Language Processing) tool to convert this same technology into voice responses over the phone. Even with these difficulties, the benefits to launching AI in the contact center outweigh the level of effort. There are some major upsides to using this advanced technology in your contact center.

 Self Service

  • Enabling your customers to help themselves
  • Customers want to do things themselves without having to wait for agents
  • Make simple conversations like password resets or update email address easier for the customer
  • Customers don’t want to dig through long FAQ pages to find an answer


  • Reduce simple conversations with Chatbots and Phone self service
  • Ability to notice trends and respond to disasters and outages without manually having to update a message
  • AI learns from itself and will adjust to your customer and business changes

 Agent Experience

  • Agents are happier not having to take repetitive calls, chats and emails
  • Agents enjoy jobs that are challenging and less mundane leading to less team member churn
  • Customers will be authenticated before the Agent answers the call or chat
  • Agents can have a profile and case automatically screen popped and created



  • Save money with by reducing headcount and overtime needs
  • Reduce contacts (calls and chats) during spikes, emergencies, and outages
  • Reduce AHT (Average Handle Time) because of auto case creation and screen pops

AI and Core Technology Ecosystem

Customer Journey with AI

Customer Authentication Types

Agent Screen Pop Example