4 Reasons to For Customer Service Teams to Migrate to the Cloud:

Moving to the cloud is not a new idea, It has been around for decades. Storage and processing power is extremely cheap and could based contact center technology providers are capitalizing on this by using things like AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microservices. These efficiencies and cost savings can be passed easily on to the consumer. These aren’t the only reasons you should consider migrating to the cloud, there are other major benifits to migrating to the cloud.


  • Ability to integrate with other cloud based technologies
  • Regular automatic feature updates without manual patches
  • Web based applications for all of team members, from Agents all the way up to Executives
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world without downloading applications
  • Ability to take calls from web or mobile browsers vs physical desk phones


  • Reliable cloud ecosystems that leverage the newest online technology like AWS and Microservices
  • Redundant online servers within clusters or AWS
  • No single point of failure technology systems
  • Disaster recovery options for contingency planning


  • Ability for the cloud partner to support with any team member as opposed to dedicated experts that need to visit your on premise solution
  • Ability for the cloud partner to monitor your system performance and provide you with proactive alerts to issue
  • Proactive status pages to show uptime and maintenance windows/patches


  • Ability to scale and grow with low license costs compared to on premise solutions
  • License and usage options that can be used intra-year or month so that you don’t have to pay for unused licenses
  • Ability to leverage cost savings with concurrent license models vs named licenses

Robust Feature Set Example

Stability Example

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